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We Snuck Into Arthur C. Clarke’s Home, And…

Yes, when this story gets to where it’s going, I end up in Arthur C. Clarke’s armchair. I promise.


I started this morning with a strong cup of coffee, an egg hopper doused in fish curry, and the sci-fi classic Childhood’s End. And then a thought occurred to me: Didn’t Arthur C. Clarke live here once?

We’re in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, and it’s the last day of our trip. It’s our last week in Asia. It’s actually, in a way, the end of AsiaObscura. We move back to America on Saturday.

So I did some quick searches, and not only did he live in Sri Lanka, but he lived just a few blocks away.

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Great Hillbilly Roadside Puppets from Sri Lanka

These Sri Lankan puppets, a tradition of the coastal village of Ambalangoda, embarrassingly look more like my Kentucky and Carolina kin than anything else.

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Porn, Rats, and Antique Projectors at Sri Lanka’s Classic Cinemas

We heard there were rats in The Liberty. That it smelled like urine. That the sound was awful. But it’s the most famous cinema in Sri Lanka’s capital, a 1955 Art Moderne beauty, and how could we turn that down?

So we wore socks. Rats don’t like socks.

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Monitor Lizards on the Road

The bus ahead screeches to a halt, and we swerve into a ditch.

“Iguana,” says our tuktuk driver with a grunt.

I’ve never seen an iguana like this. This was more like a dinosaur or a dragon. It could probably eat a small child. (Komodo Dragons maybe used to eat pigmy elephants.)

“Can you eat it,” I asked.

“No! Very bad. In the jungle, they eat. But not here.”

Looked tasty to me!

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Sri Lanka’s Strangely Familiar Fast Food Chains

Old Galle may be protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site, but that hasn’t stopped fast food chains from sprawling around the town. Oh, don’t worry, they all appear to be Sri Lankan, but they are strangely familiar. Dairy King Cafe, Hot Pack, Indian Hut, Pizza Hot Pack, and so many more…

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