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15 More Pictures from weirdoid Tiger Balm Park

AsiaObscura friend Dawn Xiana Moon (dawnxianamoon.com) sent over a pile more pix from the absolutely incredible statues and terrifying dioramas at Tiger Balm Park aka Har Paw Villa. See our original story here, or click on her pix below for full-sized versions….

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The Creepiest Amusement Park of All Time?

Singapore is bland. It’s a high-priced row of shopping malls and fine eateries, with a few hawker markets thrown in. “It’s soooooo boring,” warned my hairdresser Miss P.

But then you stumble on something like this. The Tiger Balm Gardens: The most disturbing theme park of all time.

There’s sex, violence, bear-maulings and scabies. Statues of slutty immoral crotch-grabbing wenches, and creepy animals dressed as humans. Down a dark musty cave, a terrifying tableaux displays every vengeance that awaits you in the hell you’ll surely meet.

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Happy Year of the Rabbit! 新年快乐!

(Optimistically cute sign spotted at the Tiger Balm Gardens, a few months ago… the kids loved it!)

Updates will be light this week, as Michelle and I are out on the road, exploring more wild China…

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Egg Tart Wrist Wrest

Found in Plaza Singapura Mall.

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Chippy’s British Takeaway

What passes for English cuisine in Singapore mall culture. (Found, but not sampled, in the basement of Plaza Singapura Mall.)

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