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Chinese Freak Shows: An Age-Old New Years Tradition

Two-headed ladies! Ladies with tails! Big-headed ladies and snake-eating ladies and elephants, too!

All this, for only 75 cents!

Every year, for Chinese New Year, these tents appear across the country. This one was in rural Shanxi Province. Outside, an old lady counted her renminbi in the cold. She shouted out “Five kuai!”

She completely ignored the monkey on the swing.

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Creepy Mianshan Devotional Statues

One of them even looks a little like Ving Rhames…

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A Noble Slave and an Imperial Cannibal

Two and a half thousand years ago, Prince Zhong’er was hungry.

He was in exile. His state was in turmoil. He’d lost his castle, his kitchen and surely his chef as well. So what else was there to do but start eating his followers?

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