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This Strange Collector Has 1,000 Pairs of Shoes (and a Fetish for Foot Binding)

shoes 8

Yang Shaorong lives in a small Shanghai apartment. He collects women's shoes. Tiny shoes. Shoes for bound feet. "That's horrible," said the publisher of my magazine, when I mentioned Yang the collector to him. "It's a disturbing part of Chinese history." I was confused. I didn't really know much about them, or why he was so upset. ...

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Mao & Mangoes, Together Again

Mao and the Mango

I recently had the opportunity to sip hot black coffee with a high ranking Pakistani official, and while everyone else is talking Osama and war, we talked fruit. "My basic objective here is to improve the trade between Pakistan and China," he told me.  "I'm trying to diversify the trade, to go into newer fields..." He counted ...

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