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The Owl Lady and Her Gazillion Owls

I love obsessions, and Myong-Hee Bae is obsessed. She’s a freak for owls.

Her home is crammed full of 3,000 owl-y items. Clocks, quilts, paintings, stamps, cut-outs hanging from the ceiling, mugs filled with steaming hot tea, candles, toys, and rugs. It was weird. And absolutely wonderful.

“Her love of owl started when she was in 2nd grade,” a clumsy document she printed out, then handed to me, read. “She was very much attracted by the big eyes of the wooden own sculpture and became owl mania.”

She spoke no English besides “tea?”, and we spoke no Korean at all, so this document was all the info we had to go on. She wouldn’t let us take a photo of her.

But everywhere she went, she sought out owls. Everyone who visited her brought an owl. Before long, the bizarre collection included owls from across the globe.

She reminded me a little of Paul MacLeod. He was obsessed with Elvis. He shared this obsession with his son, Elvis Aaron Presley MacLeod. Paul told me, years ago, that his wife left him because he was too obsessed with the King. She set down the gauntlet, and said, “It’s him or me, Paul.” Paul made his choice, and she moved out.

Myong-Hee Bae’s husband didn’t fight it. He brought her even more. And when they married, this bird of prey collection was considered the family jewel. Now that’s romance.

But doesn’t it all kind of remind you of this?

The Owl Art and Craft Museum, 27-21 Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea

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Why I Love Seoul’s Subway So Darn Much

1. Unexpected Unused Gazebos

2. Miniature Misplaced Gardens

3. Quite Strange Schedule Posters

4. Caves. Deep Wonderful Caves.

5. And then, most of all, this.

Oh, sweet sweet Seoul…

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Who is Totoman? Nobody knows.

But is this Totoboy?

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Hello Kitty & Cuppuccino!

Shoved in a back alley of Seoul’s hip Hongdae neighborhood, sandwiched somewhere between “Luxury Ho” Bar and the “F**kFake” Designer Boutique for Men (asterisks not included in actual name), Hello Kitty lives on. Or her cappuccinos do, at least.

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What’s in the Korean News

I’m impressed that this is only “Part 1.”

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Korea’s Dunkin’ Donuts Ruins All the Fun

Imagine a future where donuts come in horrid flavors: carrot, tofu, spinach. Now recognize that the future clearly lives in Korea.  Now imagine how it could be worse…

Yep.  In Korea, they’ve introduced the Broccoli Donut.

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Sleeping Schoolgirls

Spotted at Seoul’s Leeum Museum of Art.

And later replicated by Woo.

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The Bold Boys of Korean Cosplay

The Ladies of Cosplay — cute, obsessive, meticulous — were a sight to behold. But the boys? Well, there were a few pretty awesome getups, like these….

And this chap was remarkable:

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Heavy Petting in Seoul

A little canine with your coffee? Feline with your free time? Find it here at the Dog and Cat Cafes of South Korea’s capital!

Dog madness

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The 38th Reich: Korean Nazi Cosplay

A couple of days ago, I posted my favorite pictures of cute Korean cosplay girls — but that’s the light-hearted side of Korean cosplay.  Flip the switch — today it’s time for the dark half.  That’s right: Korean Nazis!

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Outrageously Cute Korean Cosplay: The 21 Favorites

While sex workers were planning to set themselves on fire across town (thanks, Comrade Joe), M and I were deep in Comic World at Seoul’s SETEC Convention Center.

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Super Mario Street Art Attacks Seoul

Wandering the streets of Seoul’s hipster haven, Hongdae, you’ll find a treasure trove of awesomeness. But one of the first things to strike you on emerging from the Sangsu subway is this Super-collection of feisty videogame plumbers. They’re all here: Mario, Luigi, power-ups and bosses, too, painted on every telephone pole for blocks. If you run fast enough, humming the theme and blinking your eyes madly, you’ll look like a fool. But it’s still pretty fun.

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