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Phnom Penh Insider Investigates AsiaObscura


A few months ago, we ran a rather scandalous report on the insane ting mong scarecrows we'd spotted in the jungles of Cambodia. They were terrifying, but we knew almost nothing about them. Our driver was vague, the hotel receptionist insisted she'd never seen them before. So we slapped up the photos, ...

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One Ghostly Cambodian Ruin

The old hotel

It used to be a retreat. 90 years ago, the French spent 9 months building Bokor Hill Station up as the ultimate getaway: escape from the miserable heat and humidity of Phnom Penh. 900 laborers died while building it, but to the French all these ghosts were worth it. There was a ...

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Happy Year of the Rabbit! 新年快乐!


(Optimistically cute sign spotted at the Tiger Balm Gardens, a few months ago... the kids loved it!)Updates will be light this week, as Michelle and I are out on the road, exploring more wild China...

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