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All the Fortunes on Hong Kong’s Temple Street

Temple Street night market is amazing. Past the hawkers of clothes, bootleg DVDs, sex toys and octopus porn, there lies something so completely wonderful: a street of fortune tellers. Rows of them, one after another after another. I was astounded. I didn’t know what to do, where to go. So I tried to see them all.

7pm – Fortune 1 – Grace (HK$50)

Fortune 1 – Grace

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Pig Faces, Hong Kong

I found these little puppies while looking for the Tak Fat beef ball stall, in the back of the Haiphong Road Temporary Muslim Market. Loved the simplicity with which they hung there (and desperately wanted to wear one as a mask.)

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Deep Fried Little Fishies

All the upscale restaurants I’ve been to in Hong Kong love giving you this gratis (well, gratis until the bill comes… maybe “unannounced”?) bowl of deep fried fishies and peanuts. And OMG, fantasticness.

This bowl comes from Fu Sing Restaurant, and showed up on the bill included in an HK$18 add-on. “$18? What’s this for?” I asked the waiter. He looked around the table. “Sauces, peanuts, tea.” “But I didn’t have any sauces or tea.” “Water.” Hrm.

I love this emptied bowl with just a few eyes left over…

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Fish Head in Hong Kong

I’m generally an adventurous eater, but this time… well… I was frankly completely unable to handle this.

I didn’t even know where to start! The waiters here, at Lok Sau Sun (1-5 Takshing Road, Hong Hong), didn’t speak enough English for me to communicate my questions, so I ended up fudging it, and prowling the restaurant for wifi. Finally I found a google result: “how to eat fish head.”

I didn’t enjoy it. A few bites (maybe it was the brain? the cheek?) were great, but I was still disgusted. I picked what meat I could from the bones, fighting nausea, and really had to struggle.

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OCD in Hong Kong

Bird Avian Dog OCD Pork flu is raging across Hong Kong, and these signs are attached to absolutely everything. (I find it hard to believe they’re really disinfecting that elevator every two hours…)

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