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Our Six Best China Stories!


Happy 61st 62nd birthday, China! (And happy 39th birthday, me!) In honor of this grand celebration of the founding of the People's Republic of China, today we decided to sift through the AsiaObscura archives, and return to our wildest, most popular China stories of 2011! And so, in order of pageviews.... 6. The Sick Collector ...

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That’s just rubbish….


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Ready to Rumble


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Fiendishly Fun Photo Ops at World Park


While we were busy on our own adventures, Chinese tourists flocked to Beijing's glorious World Park of their own accord. Some of them with entire camera crews in tow. Wedding photos, engagement photos, bff shots, they were costumed, posed, and so immaculately arranged. Here's a couple of our favorites! Even those who didn't ...

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China’s first sci-fi movie: Death Ray on Coral Island (1980)


Sci-fi books?  China's got tons of those. But when it comes to sci-fi movies, China's really falling behind.  One that really did impress me, though, was the very first to be produced in China: 1980's gorgeous, fun, and campy "Death Ray on Coral Island" (珊瑚岛上的死光). In "Death Ray," a good-hearted team of Chinese scientists, based in what ...

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