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The Goriest, Raunchiest Chinese Classic of All Time


"Do you know Leonard Cohen?" Sidney shouts. He's trying to be heard over the album that's blasting through his hutong apartment. "This is one of his live sessions. I think it’s just wonderful. I like to play it really loud and do my taichi." Sidney Shapiro's 90-something years old. He moved to Shanghai looking ...

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China’s all-time favorite (and all-time darkest?) comic book: Sanmao

Where'd you go?

Not many foreigners know about Sanmao. Here in China, though, he’s bigger than Disney. He's as prone to mischief as Bart Simpson. As endlessly honest as Richie Rich. And as dark as Charlie Brown. Darker. Even though Sanmao comics are as much for kids as they are adults, they're filled with death, ...

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Video of the Cultural Revolution Restaurant

I gave all the juicy details of this restaurant where you can make merry, while celebrating the best of the Cultural Revolution and the Great Leap Forward, earlier this week. But here, for your pleasure, is some video of the mad show and the flag-waving audience. For China: For elsewhere:

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Relive the Cultural Revolution (aka The Weirdest Dinner Theater in Beijing)


Update: read the story below, but don't miss the video of the performance! "Two foreigners in the RED restaurant?" Reverb howled, "I think this will be more fun than the restaurant itself!" Red Restaurant, in the east of Beijing, is an opportunity to relive the passion and pain of China from the late 50s through the late ...

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Red Detachment of Awesome

red detachment 2

This Wednesday thru Friday, if you're in Beijing, you shouldn't miss the best of the "model operas," The Red Detachment of Women (红色娘子军). Playing for three nights only at Poly Plaza. It's called a model opera, but it's actually a ballet. The eight model operas were, during the height of the cultural ...

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The Mystery of Shuanglin’s Scooped-Eye Statues


A $2 tuktuk ride from the ancient city of Pingyao 平遥, in the deserts of Shanxi Province, there's a wonderful little temple called Shuanglin Temple (双林寺). The name translates to something like A Pair of Forests Temple.  Cute.  Inside, though, you'll find a strange sight. Walk to the back, and you'll come across the Goddess Temple, ...

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