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The Incredible Dollhouse Explosion of Xi’an

Dark and modern and ultra-creepy, the Hanyangling Museum of Xi'an is empty of tourists, but crammed with pits of naked, two-foot-tall men. It's something like an explosion in a doll factory, or a scene of marionette massacre. Their silk robes and wooden swords and wooden arms rotted away centuries ago, leaving them unarmed and armless, ...

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15 More Pictures from weirdoid Tiger Balm Park

AsiaObscura friend Dawn Xiana Moon (dawnxianamoon.com) sent over a pile more pix from the absolutely incredible statues and terrifying dioramas at Tiger Balm Park aka Har Paw Villa. See our original story here, or click on her pix below for full-sized versions....

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One Ghostly Cambodian Ruin

The old hotel

It used to be a retreat. 90 years ago, the French spent 9 months building Bokor Hill Station up as the ultimate getaway: escape from the miserable heat and humidity of Phnom Penh. 900 laborers died while building it, but to the French all these ghosts were worth it. There was a ...

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Giving Babies The Right Way

Giving Babies Hall 1

Okay, okay, I've been dwelling on the dark side of Taoism for too long. Sure, 19 Incredible Taoist Gods was an awesome series of sweet court officer pix, and Terrible Moments from a Taoist Temple was a collection of terrifying dioramas, but what about the lighter, cuter side of the religion? Is there one? ...

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Tongzhou’s "Kids with Measles" Ride


I don't know if I'd feel too comfortable getting close to these kids.... let alone allow my children to ride their backs...

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The Mystery of Shuanglin’s Scooped-Eye Statues


A $2 tuktuk ride from the ancient city of Pingyao 平遥, in the deserts of Shanxi Province, there's a wonderful little temple called Shuanglin Temple (双林寺). The name translates to something like A Pair of Forests Temple.  Cute.  Inside, though, you'll find a strange sight. Walk to the back, and you'll come across the Goddess Temple, ...

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