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Beautiful Thanaka

It’s Woo’s birthday today. Whoohoo! She took this dazzling picture in Burma. It reminds me of the Diane Arbus girls from so many years ago…

Wish her Happy Birthday at her (way un-updated) blog, TheWooLand Hotel.

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Have You Seen Princess Diana’s Gynecology Textbooks?

Found in a Yangon, Myanmar sidewalk bookstall.

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Happy New Year from Burma

What a wonderful way to bring in 2013…

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Gorgeously Gory Paintings in a Burmese Temple

Most people visit Ananda Phaya to see the massive gold Buddha. I’m not surprised: it’s remarkable.

But hidden in a side-alcove, propped up in the ceiling, I couldn’t help noticing a series of paintings. Gloriously gore-filled paintings of demons wreaking havoc on mortals: boulders rolling over bloody victims, body parts dangling from coatracks, quartered corpses splayed out for crows, body part littering slabs of tile.

What was this?

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The Illegal Mae Sot-Burma Border Crossing

I put this up on YouTube a little while back, but it’s definitely worth putting up here: the illegal border crossing at Mae Sot.

I shot this from the Thai side of the Thai-Burmese border. To get from Mae Sot to Myawaddy, you cross a bridge, pay a toll, and have your passport confiscated for a few hours. (If you’re me, that is.) Or, if you’re Burmese, you could pay a fellow with a fat innertube a few pennies, and be waded across under the bridge. Literally, in the shadow of the legal crossing.

It’s pretty beneficial, really, if you work illegally in a Thai factory for sub-minimum-wage, or a monk on the run…

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Don’t Date, Sell Cars, and The Future of Burma

The Burmese palm reader warned me not to invest, or date women, until April. “You will be very unlucky,” he said.

And to stay in after 9pm, "unless you go out with a friend." After referencing a chart in a book, he decided selling cars would be a good career.

"Do you have any questions for me?" he asked.

It was foolish, but couldn't resist.

"What does the future for Burma look like?"

He froze. He looked at my minder. My minder looked at me. No-one said anything, and they stared at each other, unsure of how to respond. Finally, the fortune teller spoke: “It will not be good.”

They both laughed, nervously, then my guide ran off to pee.

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My Diane Arbus Moment

From a wedding in Myawaddy, Burma.

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Illegal border crossing between Burma and Thailand

This is incredible — it’s the illegal (but very open) border crossing between Myawaddy, Burma, and Mae Sot, Thailand. I shot this in the shadow of the official border bridge.

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