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Cooking With Poo


Michelle picked this wonderful cookbook up off a shelf at Siam Paragon's Kinokuniya. I'm sure Poo is just her nickname. But what a great nickname it is. Oooh, it's on Amazon...

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A Huge Pile of Gorgeous Old Thai Movie Posters


It was the Singapore Agent who told me about the poster guy on Rambuttri. "Rambuttri like Rambutan," he said. "But with a tree at the end. Look for the restaurant with the good pad thai, next to the massage place. That's where you'll find the poster guy." The pad thai restaurant next to a massage parlor? ...

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From a night out at Asiatique's Calypso in Bangkok.

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The Cockiest Shrine in Bangkok


At Bangkok's Goddess Tuptim Shrine, there's something prickly going down. At this veritable penis park, there are whoppers, dongers, cocks and dicks, carved-off woodies and sleek shiny johnsons in stacks. Every last one is circumcised. Even the cocks of cocks. Known locally as the Chao Mae Tuptim, this overgrown shrine is tucked--ever so discretely--behind ...

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Bangkok’s Sweetest Secret Dance Party


Bangkok is awesome. Pad thai, ping pong balls, reclining buddhas. But nowhere is sweeter than this hidden corridor of Central World Mall, where crowds of high school kids practice their sweet dance moves every weekend. Each gang brings their own routines and own MP3 players. Any reflective surface--shop windows, aluminum panelling, ...

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What it takes to be a security guard in BKK…

Spotted earlier this week by reader Laurie London. (Thanks!)

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One Politician You Can Count On

We haven't set foot in Bangkok in far too long. Months. But fortunately, AsiaObscura eyes are growing more populous, and reader Matt Smith wrote in with this great pair of electoral campaign posters. What a smile! What a dog! (Pity about that shit kid he had to deal with.) You can surely find ...

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More GameSpot Logo-Theivery


I found a flyer on the subway, for Beijing's "岭郡ONE: Tuscany Romantic life" apartment complex, units from 430 sq-ft. Clever... looked like an ipad. WAITASECOND!!! Is that Ethan O'Brien or James Cheung's GameSpot logo, promoting "No limit loans" (不限贷)??? Oh yeah, it is. Nice work, Chinese bootleggers! Reminds me of that sweet Wii-knockoff "Wü Music Kit" ...

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The 100th Post? Miss Puke Massage, of course.


Could we resist?  Central Bangkok.

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Strange Moments in a Bangkok Temple

Old Hag Gets Waylaid

Wat Suwannaram, a 12th-century temple, is hidden on the far side of the river in Bangkok. It's remote -- no tourists, only two praying women in short skirts (they'd left their high heels outside.) The real draw here is the mouth-dropping murals, which tell the most bizarre and glorious tales. While we tiptoed ...

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Eating a Whole Roast Suckling Pig


It wasn't as mouth-shockingly good as we'd hoped... but then again, this little guy looks pretty evil, too. Found at Tang Jai Yoo in Bangkok's Chinatown.

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Forensic Science Museum, Bangkok

forensic 1

Deep in the bowels of the King's Hospital, if you look hard enough, you'll eventually find the stomach-churning absolutely wonderful Forensic Science Museum. I've a weak stomach, but the permanent exhibit here is unmissable. (Photos aren't allowed, so I apologize for this scarce and clumsy record. You'll clearly have to go, yourself.) ...

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Bangkok Loves Blythe

blythe 1

Siam Paragon Shopping Mall's elaborate (and incredible) Blythe exhibit offered up some leading costume designs for the creepy oh-so-slightly-pedophilic 1972 Kenner doll, which has captured the hearts and sewing skills of, well, at least a few dozen fans. From Wikipedia, "There is a network of hobbyists who customize the doll for resale and create ...

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