Winter Warmers

We’re already in the midst of a deep freeze of New English proportions. That’s why, we’re making winter warmers to cozy up with this season. You’re not going out there! Think of those drinks you sit with by a fireplace and a good epic novel, but in ice cream form.

Today we turned on the churn, genius’ed up a New Year’s playlist and made three new flavours: Chocolate-Cab-Sav, Bailey’s, and Roasted Banana-Dark Rum. If that’s not an excuse to stay inside under a bundle of blankets with a marathon of 80s movies, I don’t know what else is!

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Bollywood dreams

Drama, romance, hijinks, heartbreak … dancing, singing… and of course, happy endings — complete with ice cream!! It was a gorgeous, outdoor Bollywood extravaganza hosted by AsiaObscura and held at the dreamy courtyard we know and love.

There were Indian flavours — cinnamon, cardamom-chocolate and even a vegan coconut-chai — to add another dimension to the Bollywood experience.

In fact, we just got back from India and, boy!, is ice cream a treat you see everywhere!

Even in film!

Maybe there is a gap in the market over there for The Lick!!



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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!

Bīngqílín Bǐng (冰淇淋饼) were in order last night — to be eaten under the light of the full moon!

We pressed them in ancient moon cake moulds to celebrate Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and these little black sesame and rice flavoured lion dogs just howled!! Arroooo!!!

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Summer colours

Summertime is for wearing bright colours, soaking in the sun’s rays while you can, and gobbling up a scoop before it drips and stains your nice white seersucker shorts.

Here are some flavours we have been toying with this summer:

Cherry-Saké, Gin&Tonic and Grapefruit-Campari.

Yes, they are alcoholic cocktail flavours, but that’s what summer’s for, right? Indulge!



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New Young Pony Club loves ice cream, too!

Here’s a little ditty for a gloomy, rainy day …doesn’t mean you can’t still eat a scoop!!

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Dim Sum and Dragon’s Eyes

What better way to top off a gluttonous afternoon of Dim Sum?

Lychee ice cream!!

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Soiree, (catered) Soiree

This Saturday we were honoured to bring a cooler-full of ice cream to a fabulous courtyard soiree. Think, jazz band, champagne, and plenty of well-heeled guests who know their food and wine. We paid tribute to the 50 yr-old birthday boy with a take on the classic and much loved Hoodsie cup of my childhood. A half chocolate-goji berry, half double vanilla bean gave the bi-tastual moonpie configuration a modern twist. I would have taken pictures of our lovely yin-yangs, but they were devoured so quickly! But to give you an idea, here’s a little ode to Hoodsie.

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What’s your flava? Tell me what’s your flava.

We’ve been cranking out ice cream non-stop here at The Lick Headquarters, experimenting with new flavours and ice-deas.

Here’s a list of what we’ve been filling the freezer with!

Orange-Sichuan Pepper
Chocolate-Goji Berry
Black Sesame
Peanut Butter and Jelly

What do you think? Do any sound outrageously amazing? Any you could do without?

For the next few weeks I’ll be giving away ice cream (we’re in overflow mode!) in return for some honest feedback and a courageous lick. Watch for updates!

In the meantime, this oldie (from 2002) by Craig David might get your taste buds going.

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