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On Making Trash Movies Shameless Promotion The Zombie Files 

On Making Trash Movies

Sorry that I’ve been so lousy about updating the blog… work in India has gone from regular to quite mad. However, expect a couple of good updates coming soon! In the meantime, I did have time for my first PechaKucha talk, on a lifetime dream that turned out to be more of a nightmare. (PechaKucha: 20 slides for 20 seconds each. Like TEDtalk gone spazzo.) It’s a fun short story… Watch, and let me know what you think! (The audio guy f’ed up the recording, so I re-recorded most of…

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Disgusting, Deranged, and Totally Brilliant The Zombie Files 

Disgusting, Deranged, and Totally Brilliant

I’m not a great filmmaker. Or a famous one. If I was, I wouldn’t have ended up drenched in a 3AM rainstorm of the roof of a dilapidated McDonalds, bailing out the small lake of water forming around my sneakers. I definitely wouldn’t have started my filmmaking career in the slums of Buffalo, or have been risking my life for trash cinema. I felt the wet tar give under my foot. “Watch out! That’s a weak spot!” Weak spot. Right. Did I mention this roof was collapsing in slow motion?

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On The Making of Poultrygeist: “When You Need More Bloodspray….” The Zombie Files 

On The Making of Poultrygeist: “When You Need More Bloodspray….”

We needed squibs. I didn’t exactly know what they were, or how they worked, but they’re little charges that explode under an actor’s shirt, so it looks like they’ve just been shot. Just like in Die Hard or Bad Boys II. But in Poultrygeist, it wasn’t Hans Gruber who’d be shot—it was the horde of bloodthirsty chicken-zombies, exploding with green slime. (Everyone knows zombie blood is green.) Old Arbie shoots them, while wearing his short skirt and sash. The only problem was that the cheapest guy we could find wanted…

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