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Happy Holi!

A few days late, but I was pretty drenched.


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On Making Trash Movies

Sorry that I’ve been so lousy about updating the blog… work in India has gone from regular to quite mad. However, expect a couple of good updates coming soon!

In the meantime, I did have time for my first PechaKucha talk, on a lifetime dream that turned out to be more of a nightmare. (PechaKucha: 20 slides for 20 seconds each. Like TEDtalk gone spazzo.) It’s a fun short story… Watch, and let me know what you think!

(The audio guy f’ed up the recording, so I re-recorded most of it on my laptop.)

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Beat Up Sneakers and Cashmere Hoodies

Thanks to Max for calling our attention to this page in Mark Steyn’s New York Times bestseller After America: Get Ready for Armageddon, a book we probably wouldn’t have read. In it, he manages to link me to America’s impending downfall.

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Bizarre Beijing: CityWeekend’s Tribute to AsiaObscura

Maybe you missed it, but fresh on the heels of their coverage of our taxidermy efforts, the the October issue of CityWeekend was devoted to Bizarre Beijing! Of course their research ended in the pages of AsiaObscura. Heh heh.

They recommend
– the unmissably gory Daoist statues of Dongyue Temple
– the quirk in miniature of World Park
– the wild Beijing Stamp Museum (including 3D North Korean stamps of Charles and Di)
a little-Tokyo maid cafe, and — of course…
Fake Disneyland.

See their full article here.

Or just enjoy the sweet editor’s letter below. Thanks, Sienna and CityWeekend!

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CityWeekend Covers AO’s Taxidermy Efforts

Yesterday morning, I exploded with glee when I realized our Pyongyang Too book had been covered in the wonderful Drawn & Quarterly — a whopping year ago!

Now if that wasn’t good enough, yesterday was also the release of the new issue of CityWeekend magazine, their back page a very fun article devoted to WooLand, me, and taxidermy! Nice!!! Thanks, CW!

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French press for “Pyongyang Too”

When Woo and I handed our tribute, Pyongyang Too, to graphic traveleur & comic master Guy Delisle, he seemed taken aback, confused, perplexed. “Thank you,” he muttered, unsure of what he was even looking at. (Barbara Demick–author of the DPRK expose/awesomeromance Nothing to Envy–tried to buy it.)

Clearly, he later had a chance to skim it. And read it. And then pimped it out.

After the jump, two recent Paris articles about the book. But now the question is, will L’Association pick it up???

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Phnom Penh Insider Investigates AsiaObscura

A few months ago, we ran a rather scandalous report on the insane ting mong scarecrows we’d spotted in the jungles of Cambodia. They were terrifying, but we knew almost nothing about them. Our driver was vague, the hotel receptionist insisted she’d never seen them before. So we slapped up the photos, told our story, read the Chinese blogger’s translations of it, and that was the end of it. Or was it?

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City Weekend on AsiaObscura

Thanks to the kind folks at City Weekend Beijing, for their lovely interview with TheWooLandHotel about AO!

See below for the full interview…

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