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Handmade Indian Movie Posters for Unlikely Hollywood Movies

I just got some lo-res photos of the new batch of 20″ by 30″ hand-drawn litho-printed Sandalwood/Kannada movie posters, and they’re fantastic! (If you missed reading about Raju, who draws a new movie poster every three hours, and the 1901 litho machine they’re printed on, go now!)

I have 100 of each of these, so let me know if you’d like one. (If you’re in Bangalore or Beijing, you can have them for free the cost of a coffee. Overseas, I’ll have to charge.) Let me know in the comments below!

My favorite, of course, is the first one…

Jessica Harper, absolutely gorgeous in Dario Argento’s Suspiria:

Nicholas Cage wearing his snakeskin jacket, a symbol of his individuality and his belief in personal freedom, in David Lynch’s Wild at Heart:

Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall and Michael Schoeffling in my favorite movie of all time, John Hughes’ (ahem, slightly misspelt) Sixteen Candles. I only regret the absolute absence of Gedde Watanabe as Long Duck Dong.

A strangely puckered Peter Lorre as the sick Grieg-whistling child killer in Fritz Lang’s M. (I just read Lang apparently threw Lorre down a staircase while filming, to rough him up a bit. Fantastic!)

Orson Welles as Harry Lime, suddenly dangerous with his pocketed pistol — it’s a setup! — in Carol Reed’s awesome The Third Man. Where’s Holly Martins? Probably drunk under the table again.

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India’s Incredibly Cool Hand-Drawn Movie Posters

Ramachandraiah prints movie posters for a living. He’s done it ever since 1971, when he bought an ancient lithograph press. He keeps it in a factory north of Bangalore, far from the English town where it was built 111 years ago.

Most movie posters here are lavish. They’re digitally-printed, full-color, and reach up to 30 feet long.

Ramachandraiah’s posters aren’t.

His are five-color, hand-drawn, and measure just 20 inches by 30 inches. They’re printed on thin paper, and illegally slapped up on building sites and highway overpasses late at night. They cost pennies to print. And they’re absolutely gorgeous.

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Mad Costumes Across Asia

As regular readers know, we at AsiaObscura love costumes. We’ve captured some incredible cosplay adventures here, here, here, here and even here.

But it goes deeper. Almost every tourist hotspot across north-east Asia has a rack of costumes, a dramatic backdrop or two, and a whole boatload of awesomeness to dive into. All your dreams can come true, in Asia.

Terra Cotta Warriors, Xi’an

Egyptians, Shenzhen

Winter Egyptians, Beijing

Guards of Mianshan Daoist Retreat

Cultural Revolution-era Mao and Lin Biao, Shenzhen

Gangsters of Old Shanghai, Shanghai

Stewardess and Captain of Old Russian Passenger Plane, Beijing

“Traditional Americans” at the US Capitol, Beijing

Geisha Girl and Samurai, Shenzhen

People’s Volunteer Army Volunteer Soldier, Dandong’s Commemorative Museum of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid North Korea

Sailor Girl, Bangkok

Pingyao Governor, Ancient Government Building, Pingyao

Miao Minority, Dali

Bollywood Stars


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CityWeekend Covers AO’s Taxidermy Efforts

Yesterday morning, I exploded with glee when I realized our Pyongyang Too book had been covered in the wonderful Drawn & Quarterly — a whopping year ago!

Now if that wasn’t good enough, yesterday was also the release of the new issue of CityWeekend magazine, their back page a very fun article devoted to WooLand, me, and taxidermy! Nice!!! Thanks, CW!

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French press for “Pyongyang Too”

When Woo and I handed our tribute, Pyongyang Too, to graphic traveleur & comic master Guy Delisle, he seemed taken aback, confused, perplexed. “Thank you,” he muttered, unsure of what he was even looking at. (Barbara Demick–author of the DPRK expose/awesomeromance Nothing to Envy–tried to buy it.)

Clearly, he later had a chance to skim it. And read it. And then pimped it out.

After the jump, two recent Paris articles about the book. But now the question is, will L’Association pick it up???

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Vodka Bottles Taxidermied Into Mice

Now that we have our Chinese taxidermy certificates, Woo and I needed to get stuffing.

A woman in Qingdao, after hours of discussions, agreed to send a friend to Beijing with a box of frozen rats.  He took the all-night bus, and showed up with a dripping styrofoam box.  “I got confused, and lost, and they melted a little,” he said.

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Eko Nugroho, We Love You. So we made a costume to prove it.


A little while back, Michelle, Sunny and I were wandering around the Caochangdi gallery district (one of the old “new 798″s), and feeling extremely underwhelmed.  There was nothing worth looking it.  Until we wandered into Pekin Fine Arts.  It was there that we discovered our new favorite Indonesian artist, Eko Nugroho.

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Pyongyang Too: A Tribute to Guy Delisle

(Update: Our tribute was actually released in paperback in late 2013, by the original French publisher of Pyongyang — the legendary art house publisher, L’Association! Copies show up on eBay France every now and then… Keep an eye out for it. It’s wonderful!)

After Teen Wolf Too, Splash Too, and Karate Kid Too, here’s the Pyongyang Too tribute WooLand and I did for our favorite comic book travelogue essayist, Guy Delisle, in North Korea last year.

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