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On Eating a Steaming Hot Bowl of Sweet AIDS Soup

“I’ll have the AIDS soup,” I said.

It wasn’t officially called AIDS soup. Not now. Shortly after I’d blogged about their deviant menus, the restaurant had crossed out every appearance of the word “AIDS” with a sharpie. Now it was simply “Strong Tibetan Sheep Placenta Nourishing Soup [XXXX].”

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AIDS Soup isn’t the Weirdest Thing at this Local Restaurant

Sure, every restaurant may have a maggot-filled dish called Insect Story, and what’s a Chinese restaurant without a Jacopetti-inspired Monkey Head offering (even if it is just a bowl of fried mushrooms).

I don’t know, however, of a single other Beijing restaurant that boasts acquired immune deficiency syndrome sheep placenta soup.

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Return to Fake Disneyland? Sweeeeeet!

This past weekend, AO hosted our third BeijingObscura outing: a return to the magnificent Copyright Infringement Park, aka Fake Disneyland! Thanks to everyone who made it–it wouldn’t have been the same without you, and your absolute awesomeness!!!

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City Weekend on AsiaObscura

Thanks to the kind folks at City Weekend Beijing, for their lovely interview with TheWooLandHotel about AO!

See below for the full interview…

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Crab Island Revisited

Oh, what a day! Perfect skies, plastic palm trees with rubber coconuts, terrifyingly rusty water tubes, toxic water, and incredible meat on a stick. All in the flight path of Beijing International Airport’s, just a few miles away. (Vroooooom!)

Only one person actually howled, “That was the best day of my life,” but we concur. It was the best. Now let’s just see if Copyright Infringement Park (on Sat, July 23rd) can hold a candle to this!

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AsiaObscura at World Park: The Experience

Rickety rollercoasters, useless tour guides, and rather offputting cross dressers. Everything you could want in a Chinese theme park!  What an absolutely glorious & outlandish day!  Thanks to everyone who made it to AsiaObscura’s inaugural event, A Trip to Beijing World Park!

世界公园, where Fengtai brings you the world!

(A few pix nicked from A cuppa and a pikelet… Hee hee.)

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A Trip to Crab Island – Sun, June 12th!

When the summer hits Beijing, there’s nothing like the feel of the sand, waves lapping at your feet, sweet dolphins hopping at the horizon.  Yep — this summer, it’s time once again to visit Crab Island, the best beach in Beijing!

“But Beijing’s in the middle of the desert,” I hear you cry.  “There are no beaches here!”

Aha, but you’re wrong!

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Saturday, May 7th at 1pm

Why go all the way to Badaling when the Great Wall is right here in Beijing?  Join, as we spend a day exploring the eccentricities of Beijing World Park (北京世界公园), the city’s quirkiest amusement park.  Experience the skyscrapers of Manhattan, the pyramids of Cairo, and even the Taj Mahal of Agra, just outside the 4th Ring Road!  Plus, take photos in bizarrely-selected international costumes, ride the terrors of the North Pole, and even experience the thrill of a full-size Russian passenger plane! 

We’re not experts, we’re not officials, and we’re certainly not tour guides, but we are going to have fun.

Cost: Park Admission (currently 65 RMB, possible 100 RMB) + taxi fare from Wukesong.

Meet Saturday, May 7th at 1pm at Wukesong subway station, Exit A.

RSVP to for updated meeting details and maps, or RSVP via facebook.

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The World of Chinese Movie Night: Scenes of City Life

In the last few weeks, we’ve brought you 1950s girl basketball melodramas, 1940s street urchin black comedies, and saucy 1920s road worker flicks. This week, though, we’ve got something entirely different: a fantastic pre-liberation pre-code comedy!

FREE! This Tuesday, Jan 25th at 7pm

7 Dongmianhua Hutong, Beijing
江湖酒吧, 北京交道口南大街东棉花胡同7号
6401-4611 / map:
Hand-subtitled in English

It’s rapid-fire, like a Preston Sturges screwball comedy. It’s curious and quirky and musical, like one of Jacques Tati’s Hulot films. And, unlike either of these, this gives you a chance to see Jiang Qing, the fiendish actress who would later become Madame Mao:

From the director of STREET ANGEL, this is a ONE-NIGHT ONLY affair. Reserve your free seats today by contacting Fiona Lee at

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The World of Chinese Movie Night: Women Basketball Player No. 5 (女篮5号)

This Tuesday night is gonna be an exciting one at Jianghu — join us (The World of Chinese, that is!) as we welcome freezing January with Woman Basketball Player No. 5 (女篮五号), a fantastically warming 1957 sports adventure, directed by the legendary Xie Jin. It’s got girls, rivalry, action, basketball, crushes, and even accordion singalongs. (Oh, we’ll be singing!)

Best yet, the bad guys are slanderously fiendish Americans, hurling abuse across the basketball court.

Don’t miss this fun, fast, and feisty feature — it’s a Chinese Douglas Sirk, a Socialist Karate Kid, featuring original subtitles and cheap cocktails in a classic Beijing siheyuan courtyard setting.

It doesn’t get much more awesome than this!

Woman Basketball Player No. 5 (女篮五号)
Tues Jan 11th
FREE ADMISSION. Doors at 7pm, movie at 7:30.

The World of Chinese Movies @ Jianghu Jiuba
7 Dongmianhua Hutong, Beijing, 江湖酒吧, 北京交道口南大街东棉花胡同7号
6401-4611 / map:

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The World of Chinese Movie Night: Cow (斗牛)

Chinese movie night at Jianghu Jiuba continues this week with last year’s incredible Cow (斗牛, Dou Niu), an hilarious black comedy set in the mountains of Shandong. It’s the simple and possibly true story of a poor peasant boy, a snarky dead girl, and a monstrously large overseas cow. 

“Brilliant!… A tour-de-force…” Variety
Winner, Best Actor + Best Adapted Screenplay at the 46th Golden Horse Awards
In Competition, Horizons, 66th Venice Film Festival

Cow (斗牛)
Mon Dec 13 @ 7:30pm, FREE
Jianghu Jiuba Bar, 7 Dongmianhua Hutong (1/2 block east of the used DVD shop on Nanluoguxiang)

Starring Huang Bo (“Crazy Stone”) and directed by Guan Hu (“Dirt”).

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"Street Angel" at Jianghu Jiuba – Nov 9th, 2010

Two weeks ago, we showed “The Winter of Sanmao” to a packed house at Jianghu Jiuba. It was incredible. I got a little tipsy, and CCTV published three hard-hitting stories. (“Laughter was waged,” they wrote.  “Outside, wind just started to moan. Inside, it was common to hear people laughing!” Oh, and my introduction to the film? “Full of satirical humor and surging passion.”  Now that’s an event!)

Well, if you were there — and especially if you weren’t — you really won’t want to miss Tuesday’s movie, “Street Angel” (马路天使, Mǎlù Tiānshǐ).  It’s romantic, sexy, funny, and was the debut appearance of the siren of Shanghai, Miss Zhou Xuan.  It tells the story of two Shanghai runaway sisters.  Meimei is bright-eyed and full of life.  Jiejie is a hard-edged prostitute.  But little does poor Meimei know what’s in store for her!  Enter Zhao Dan, the George Clooney of his time, to win hearts and save the day.  If only he was a little less…  well…  I’ll save it for Tuesday night!

Sexy songs that became a city’s anthems. 
Sexy stars that won a country. 
Wild visions and real footage of pre-liberation Shanghai.
An ending that’ll just crush you. 
All this, and discount drinks and free admission too!

Street Angel (in Chinese with English subtitles)
Tuesday Nov 9th at 7:30pm (movie starts at 8pm)
Jianghu Jiuba, 7 Dongmianhua Hutong
(1/2 block east of the dusty old used DVD shop on Nanluogu Xiang — map: )
Nearest subway: Exit A, Zhangzizhonglu station, Line 5

Call me if you have any trouble finding it — 135-5261-0328.

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