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The AsiaObscura Book – in stores now! Excellent Products 

The AsiaObscura Book – in stores now!

That’s right! From the producer of Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, the director of Poultry in Motion: Truth is Stranger than Chicken, and the writer of The Stormglass Protocol for the iPad comes the blog compilation of the decade! Featuring unseen photos, original stories, deranged dishes, new adventures and all your favorite AsiaObscura moments, as seen in BoingBoing, io9, The Huffington Post, Ain’t It Cool News, The Phnom Penh Insider, China Daily and The Daily Mail. Including: A Ton of Hand Drawn Indian Movie Posters… Adventures from a Rural…

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More MaxiPad Fun, with UnSticky Stickers Excellent Products 

More MaxiPad Fun, with UnSticky Stickers

Hannah took us deep into the bowels of City Market, a mad maze of alleyways crammed tight with shops stacked atop one another. Porters and motorbikes race past, honking endlessly and piled unrealistically high with samples. Cows tread through it all, slathered in shit and chomping slowly on four-foot piles of trash. It’s terrifying, dirty, and absolutely amazing. The trip had one singular purchase: the sticker shop. It’s not a shop — more of a hallway in the basement down an alley then down a smaller alley and then down…

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Quick Aside on Smoking in China Excellent Products 

Quick Aside on Smoking in China

China just looooooves its smokes. Convenience stores sell them, grocery stores, supermarkets — and yet STILL you’ll still find dedicated tobacco stores on just about every corner. Notice how Little Miss Flowers & Fruits squeezes into a tiny nook, while Mr Brand Name Cigarettes sprawls out double-wide. Yep, there’s money in smokes! Need bridal makeup? Forget that crap! These guys offer SMOKING makeup! Erenhot even has a Tobacco Hotel. But every now and then, someone in China decides smoking is bad. And they put up something like this.

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Plants vs Zombies, The Chinese Knockoff Toys Copyright Carelessness Excellent Products 

Plants vs Zombies, The Chinese Knockoff Toys

Zombies — along with time-travel — are banned in China. (So don’t watch my Beijing zombie music video, Zombie Girl. Or buy a bootleg copy of my movie, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.) But that doesn’t stop Plants vs Zombies from becoming China’s favorite videogame. You hear the theme song on the radio, you see cut-outs in grocery stores, dolls are for sale on every corner. It’s easy to pretend you’re planting biennials to slay the oncoming zombie horde. Well, there’s also a thriving Beijing sidewalk trade in cheap…

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