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Plucking Head Meat

Muslim Quarter, Xi'an

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People and their Piles: India

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Strange Tourism

On Being Chinese-looking in China


Waldo in China sketch from Deep Thinkings I'm having a conversation (albeit one-sided) with the neighbor about a leak in our ceiling, with the cab driver about the reasons for the traffic, to the butcher about the right cut of meat. In every case, I nod my head, "uh-huh, uh-huh," hoping that I will glean something ...

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Ready to Rumble


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Heavy Petting in Seoul


A little canine with your coffee? Feline with your free time? Find it here at the Dog and Cat Cafes of South Korea’s capital! If you’re feeling that mid-afternoon slump, there are several branches of pet cafes scattered throughout the city where you can un-dull those 4pm doldrums and set your dander allergies on fire. Buy ...

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The Modern Afterlife


With Melaka being a culture mix of Indian, Malay, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese, amongst others, local customs are very much honored and preserved. Buddhists, keeping up with modern times, offer their ancestors the very best in the afterlife. Apart from the expected cash to spend and incense to purify and keep them from ...

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Instead of getting glasses…


If you're having any troubles with your eyes, head to the cliff-side Temple of the Eyesight Buddha on Mianshan Mountain to make your prostrations. After all, this Buddha would know - he has 5 eyes himself. But watch out, although he can cure diseases of the eyes, he is able to "perceive all things."          

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The Incredible Furniture of North Korea


We all knew the DPRK would be fastidious in their care for appearances. Their garish carpets and upholstery harked back to a bygone time (the 60s? even then it probably wasn't in fashion). What I didn't expect was how much they liked their symmetry. Also, although these set ups had their charm and air of welcome, ...

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Just hanging around


The Chinese know how to lounge. You can often see them hanging about, as documented in  Their things are also pretty good at hanging around...          

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