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Murder, Incest, and Fratricide led to The Taj Mahal?


Well, we made it to the Taj Mahal last weekend. Huge. Overwhelming. Magnificent. I wiped away a tear or two. Shah Jahan built it in memory of his beloved third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. That's like the awesomest romantic gesture, ever. But I was also reading William Dalrymple's City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi at ...

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Another Little Bangalore Boat Church


53 weeks ago, I posted about my first boat church. The other day -- deep in Bangalore's Austin Town -- I found another. So what does this represent? St Thomas coming to Kerala? Or Jesus and Mary coming to India? Is the boat a little Fisher of Men? Or the stormy trip ...

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Damn Strong Tarps


I love this hand-painted ad for Bhadra Tarps. You know they're tough if even this mustached hunk can't rip them! (Then compare to their rather lackluster website. Oh....)

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Antilia: The Most Gratuitous House in Mumbai


When you're in Bombay, a great way to get some context is start in the alleyways of Dharavi, one of the largest slums in the world. About a million people live here, crammed into 0.67 square miles. "It's like mainlining gratitude for how much we have to be thankful for," said my old pal Chris. I couldn't ...

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Happy Holi!


A few days late, but I was pretty drenched.

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Amazing Old Bollywood Poster Shops


Somewhere on Mutton Street, in Bombay's Chor Bazaar, sits a cave of musty sweetness. It's filled with old movie posters, piled almost six feet high. "You know V. Shataram, yes?" says the pint-sized operator, Khalim, who looks to be about twelve years old. "He's fantastic, amazing," he says, flailing his arms. "You ...

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On Making Trash Movies


Sorry that I've been so lousy about updating the blog... work in India has gone from regular to quite mad. However, expect a couple of good updates coming soon! In the meantime, I did have time for my first PechaKucha talk, on a lifetime dream that turned out to be more of a nightmare. ...

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Elvises, Genies, and Sandalwood Beach Madness

If you know me, you know I like things big and overdone. I care less about the society of the spectacle than I do the spectacle of the spectacular. And Shangrila fills that fetish. It’s this month’s hit song from next month’s hit Sandalwood movie, Topiwaala, starring the legendary Upendra (Uppi to his fans). And you ...

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The Quirk of Bangalore Palace


The old Tudor-style castle in the middle of Bangalore is touted as a tourist must-see. It’s not. But there are three reasons you might want to go... See them at

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So this guy walks into a bar…


(Thanks to Julie for the lovely pic of Woo at the Kumbh Mela.)

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Noel Wilson’s Awesome Soccer-Themed House


In a street filled with single-storey houses, Noel Wilson's juts up like a skinny football-worshipping minaret. It's bizarrchitecture! You know Noel, right? He plays football. (Of course he does.) The outside is decorated with over 100 footballs, a shrine to Mary, and the words "God's Gift." The inside is plastered with IFA trophies, ...

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Hindus Are Buried…?!


I didn't know Hindus were buried. Like, they're always cremated, right? And then we stumbled on our local Hindu graveyard. And realized how wrong we were. The Bangalore architect laughed at me when I asked him about it later. "That's the great white myth," he said. "You Westerners still like to romanticize us Indians ...

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Great New Indian Sidewalk Movie Posters


First, does anyone know where in Bangalore, or perhaps India, I can get cardboard mailing tubes for posters? They just don't seem to be available. What is this nonsense!!! Second, if you missed these posts about the grand outsider Ramachandraiah sidewalk posters, see them now! Batch 1: Original sidewalk posters for Harry Potter, Tintin and more Batch 2: More real ...

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Beautiful Thanaka

It's Woo's birthday today. Whoohoo! She took this dazzling picture in Burma. It reminds me of the Diane Arbus girls from so many years ago... Wish her Happy Birthday at her (way un-updated) blog, TheWooLand Hotel.

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A Lovely Moment from Ghungroo

 photo indian-film-still_zps73bc414c.jpg

Standing alone, so desperately alone, she waits outside the Odeon. Will he come? Oh, will he ever come? This lobby card for Rajendra Jain's Ghungroo, which I pulled ripped and bent from a stack at Balaji's Rare Antiques, reminds me of college. Although I didn't wear a sari.

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21 Amazing Bangalore Breakfast Dishes


The first time I saw the menu, I was lost. Sure, I knew dosas and idlis, but that was as far as it went. The other items were utterly alien to me. And so I did the only thing I could: I decided to eat them all. It took longer than expected. Tasted better than ...

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Hitler Loves Metropolis


But do you really need to promote it that way?

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The Great Poster Contest


So yesterday I got up to some dark nonsense... I ordered 600 more Bangalore sidewalk posters. You know, like these.... But not any of those. Chronologically, the movie's leads were Buster, Louise, Glenn, Lloyd, Hayao, Johnny. Hint: might be directors. Hint: four are Americans. Hint: If you know my taste in film, ...

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A Huge Pile of Gorgeous Old Thai Movie Posters


It was the Singapore Agent who told me about the poster guy on Rambuttri. "Rambuttri like Rambutan," he said. "But with a tree at the end. Look for the restaurant with the good pad thai, next to the massage place. That's where you'll find the poster guy." The pad thai restaurant next to a massage parlor? ...

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From a night out at Asiatique's Calypso in Bangkok.

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