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About AsiaObscura

Dean Pickles is a writer, blogger, and novelist.

Andy Deemer is a product manager, photographer, filmmaker, blogger, novelist and videogame creator.

Together they are AsiaObscura.

8 thoughts on “About AsiaObscura

  1. Lol this is so cracked, Ive bookmarked your space under ‘wtf’ and ‘cool quirky’ 😮

    1. http://Dean%20Pickles

      Thanks, Mickey!

  2. http://Naresh

    Interesting foreigner eye in most of yr pictures..We guys just don’t see these vignettes..Do yu live in Shantinagar…I am an architect with an office below the really big trees …and have an off-off—EveryWay Film Club that meets every saturday at 4 on my roof terrace theatre…do come if yu are yu a are a movie fan..3 rd floor 10/2 O’Shaughnessy road ..above the canara Bank..langford town branch

    1. http://Andy%20Deemer

      Sounds really interesting… live around the corner from you. Shoot me an email at asiaobscura -at- gmail! (What movie are you showing this weekend?)

  3. http://Fee

    This is an awesome blog, it’s absolutely hilarious. Will be revisiting often, I have a lot of posts to catch up on. Why isn’t this site a bigger thing?

    1. http://Andy%20Deemer

      You’re too sweet! Thanks!!! 🙂

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