The AsiaObscura Book – in stores now!

That’s right! From the producer of Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, the director of Poultry in Motion: Truth is Stranger than Chicken, and the writer of The Stormglass Protocol for the iPad comes the blog compilation of the decade!

Featuring unseen photos, original stories, deranged dishes, new adventures and all your favorite AsiaObscura moments, as seen in BoingBoing, io9, The Huffington Post, Ain’t It Cool News, The Phnom Penh Insider, China Daily and The Daily Mail. Including:

A Ton of Hand Drawn Indian Movie Posters…

Adventures from a Rural Chinese Taxidermy School…

Korean Nazis!

Life Amongst Balinese Cockfighters!

More Indian Movie Posters…

And so much more!!!

Get your copy of Balinese Cockfighters, Chinese Taxidermists, Kentucky Bodysnatchers, Mongolian Wrestlers, Two-Headed Girls, Evil Theme Parks, Shrunken Heads, Modern Cavemen, Korean Nazis, Cute Cosplay, Cock Temples and Pickled Corpses: Curious Adventures from the Annals of Andy Deemer’s AsiaObscura today!

Praise for Andy Deemer’s cheesesteak ice cream includes…

“We may be witnessing the birth of a new frozen treat genre”

“Don’t blame us when everyone stops wanting to come to your ice cream socials.”

“Amazingly, it didn’t make him want to vomit forever.”

“Did he go too far (like, to the Land of Cray-Cray)?”

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  1. pRiyA says:

    Best thing to happen ever.

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