We Snuck Into Arthur C. Clarke’s Home, And…


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  1. James Randi says:

    I see only one reference to me on these shelves, the RANDI – GELLER videotape… I met Arthur before he had this house, across the street from a friend of his named Hal, which is where he got the name for the 2001 computer, not the one-ahead of IBM…

    James Randi

    • Andy Deemer says:

      James — great to have you here!! 🙂 I skimmed through other pictures, but didn’t find any of your other books. But he has so many bookshelves there, that the others could have been anywhere. Glad one of them is represented here, though!

  2. James Randi says:

    I feel that Arthur should have had copies of some of my books in his library (Flim-Flam!, The Truth About Uri Geller, etc…) since I sent most of them to him in Sri Lanka…

    James Randi.

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