The Ossuaries of Paris…

This was like the trip to Disneyworld I’ve never taken. My golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory. Our trip to North Korea.

I know you’ve already been. Many times. But walking these two kilometers, I realized why this was one of my mom’s favorite places in Paris. Two kilometers of stacked-up bones, all to us. Entirely alone. So damned romantic.

By the way, have you seen this castle? I really want to remake it out of cardboard, set it on a clockwork mechanism, and have the walls move like waves. Wouldn’t that be cool?

The Paris Catacombs, 1 Avenue du Colonel
Henri Roi-Tanguy – 75014 Paris

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3 Responses to The Ossuaries of Paris…

  1. pRiyA says:

    Oh my God! Nobody ever told me that there were such things in Paris until now. I will go again one day just to see this. But I can hardly wait! So until then I hope you unearth something similar in Bangalore.

    ps: That castle!!!

  2. pRiyA says:

    Well yes…koff koff…I have connections.

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