Little Girl on a Unicycle on a Tightrope, Jaipur 1986

I’ve been scanning our forgotten pictures from our 1980s holidays, and found this incredible picture from our visit to Jaipur in 1986: a girl on a unicycle on a tightrope. So does this still happen here in India?


4 thoughts on “Little Girl on a Unicycle on a Tightrope, Jaipur 1986”

  1. that’s not a unicycle. it’s just a bicycle wheel rim without the spokes. a unicycle has pedals and a seat.

  2. Yep happens once a month in front of our surf shack on Arambol beach in Goa. Dad beats the drum Daughter walks the wheel along the rope and Mama carries away the whole rig in a basket on her head when its over. Skill all round!

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