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Noel Wilson’s Awesome Soccer-Themed House Devoted Obsession 

Noel Wilson’s Awesome Soccer-Themed House

In a street filled with single-storey houses, Noel Wilson’s juts up like a skinny football-worshipping minaret. It’s bizarrchitecture!


You know Noel, right? He plays football. (Of course he does.) The outside is decorated with over 100 footballs, a shrine to Mary, and the words “God’s Gift.” The inside is plastered with IFA trophies, Noel’s football ID cards, and an overwhelming wall-filling Mary & Baby Jesus shrine.

But my favorite part of his house?

His door, carved with a Han Solo-style woodcut of himself, frozen in carbonite.

Now that’s just awesome. To find it, head to Bangalore’s Austin Town, and just ask for Noel Wilson’s football house. They’ll know it. Everyone does.

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One thought on “Noel Wilson’s Awesome Soccer-Themed House

  1. What?!!! I don’t know why this house isn’t splashed across all the newspapers! It beats the rest. That door I tell you….!

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