Great New Indian Sidewalk Movie Posters

First, does anyone know where in Bangalore, or perhaps India, I can get cardboard mailing tubes for posters? They just don’t seem to be available. What is this nonsense!!!

Second, if you missed these posts about the grand outsider Ramachandraiah sidewalk posters, see them now!

Batch 1:
harry potter
Original sidewalk posters for Harry Potter, Tintin and more
Batch 2:
moogamudiMore real work, including American and Indian superheroes!
Batch 3:

Custom-made posters including M, The Third Man, Suspiria, Wild at Heart, and Sixteen Candles.

Third, here’s the new batch of Bangalore-style sidewalk posters Ramachandraiah did for some more of my favorite movies…

My Neighbour Totoro


I’d really wanted to see how they’d handle a Ghibli film… we’ve been doing Miyazaki marathons here at the Husainabad apartment building, and I thought they’d pair perfectly with his style. Sure enough, they did. The Kannada title of this film translated to something like “Nice Monster Friend!” Cute, huh?


Ever since I saw this in London, with Pat Morano and John Waters sitting behind me, it’s held a special place in my heart. Raju missed the teardrop tattoo, but maybe you can just draw your own on? That’s what Cry-Baby Wade Walker would do.

Pandora’s Box

I had this one printed with my old Women in Film prof Roberta P in mind. It was her favorite film. At the time it was mine, too. Along with True Romance, of course.

Pink Flamingos

Two John Waters? How could I not. “This is not actress,” said Ramachandraiah as I showed him the photo of Divine. He studied it, tapped his finger on her face, and said it again. “I think this is actor.” To explain it, I used the best word I could: “Hijrah.”

He glanced at me suspiciously, and nodded. “Yes, I see.”

The Toxic Avenger

When they originally showed the Toxic Avenger in India, one reader told me recently, it was about half the length. They probably chopped out the best bits. ๐Ÿ™

Sherlock Jr.

And of course, Buster Keaton. Why does he look fat? Obese? Perhaps Raju is just a Fatty Arbuckle fan? When Ramachandraiah made me chose a theater name, but balked at using a real one, I threw out “Ganesh Talkies.” Older movie theaters still use the name Talkies… and it seemed right.

If you’re interested in copies, leave a comment below and when I find poster tubes I’ll let you know!

24 thoughts on “Great New Indian Sidewalk Movie Posters”

  1. If you can’t find cardboard tubes, try the more durable and reusable grey PVC sewer pipes available from hardware stores.

    1. That’s actually a really interesting idea… I assume that’ll heavily impact the shipping cost, but it might be worth it. Will investigate more. Thanks!!!

      1. Sure, these grey pipes will be heavier (and hence more costly to transport) but you’ll get a lot more works inside, plus they’ll be very well protected. You can get appropriately sized end caps as well, as I did!

    2. you could try using the tubes in which tennis balls are shipped. sports shops usually discard them, but if you ask them, they may keep some for you.

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  3. If you still haven’t found cardboard mailing tubes in Bengaluru, try Taragupet/Chikpet in the lanes where they sell handmade paper, stationery and suchlike. You can find anything in Chikpet!

      1. Yes. I have always wanted to wander around in Chikpet. Document it.It is the most fabulous Alladin-kind of place! I’m on!

  4. Dear Andy, I coincidentally stumbled upon your website and absolutely love it. Have been reading for more than an hour straight now. Great!

    Question; I organize a quirky filmfestival in Holland. The movie posters this guy makes are absolutely amazing and i’d love for him to make a couple for our festival! Any idea how we could reach him and grant him the job to design posters for our festival?

    Hope to hear from you!


  5. Love these posters. Would be very interested in any of them particulary hisss, spider-man or totoro – but they’re all great

  6. Andy,
    I have a friend’s relative in Bangalore and I’d would really like to get some of these. Is there someone I could contact to make some sort of arrangement?

  7. Hi Andy, These posters are pieces of art. I would be happy to buy a selection.
    Pls advice how to proceed.

    Image Stockholm

  8. Hi Andy, I keep spotting these posters around Bangalore, I am developing an obsession I think. I am so glad I came across your post about them!
    I would just love to get some of these posters before going back home. Is there any chance you could sell me a couple? I happen to be in Bangalore until August.
    thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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