The Great Poster Contest

So yesterday I got up to some dark nonsense… I ordered 600 more Bangalore sidewalk posters. You know, like these….

But not any of those. Chronologically, the movie’s leads were Buster, Louise, Glenn, Lloyd, Hayao, Johnny. Hint: might be directors. Hint: four are Americans. Hint: If you know my taste in film, and my obsessions, you should be able to work it out, right? Right??? Okay, here are two giveaway clues:

Want some posters? Guess the movie titles below! I’ll send a full set to the lucky one. Good luck!

7 thoughts on “The Great Poster Contest”

    1. Haha — quicker than I thought! Email me your address ( asiaobscura at gmail ) and I’ll ship you the posters when I get them!!! Nice one. 🙂

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