Gorgeously Gory Paintings in a Burmese Temple

Most people visit Ananda Phaya to see the massive gold Buddha. I’m not surprised: it’s remarkable.

But hidden in a side-alcove, propped up in the ceiling, I couldn’t help noticing a series of paintings. Gloriously gore-filled paintings of demons wreaking havoc on mortals: boulders rolling over bloody victims, body parts dangling from coatracks, quartered corpses splayed out for crows, body part littering slabs of tile.

What was this?

But the room was empty.

No-one walked through here, no signs pointed to cause or legend. I wish I knew more, but on this topic even Google is silent. (Click the pix for larger versions.) They obviously remind me of the Stages of Hell from Singapore’s Tiger Balm Park, or the Taoist Vision of Hell — both meant as schooling on morals… but are they the same?

If you know what the story is, please do post below. I’d love to know more…

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