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A Huge New Horde of Hand-drawn Indian Movie Posters Great Posters Sweet Movies and Wild Books 

A Huge New Horde of Hand-drawn Indian Movie Posters

I hadn’t seen Ramachandraiah for far too long. He’s the movie poster artist. Some locals curse him as a ruin on this garden city. I hail him as an urban beautifying legend.

See his first batch of posters here.
His posters for my favorite movies: Suspiria, Wild at Heart, M, The Third Man, and Sixteen Candles.

“You want some samples?” he asked. His workshop was piled high in rolls of movie posters for local cinemas. Outsider masterpieces, they’re drawn in hours, printed on cheap sheets of 30″ by 20″ paper, and slapped up on highway overpasses, building sites, and concrete walls across the city.

His horror posters render horror in full 3-color gore and madness. Sam Raimi’s The Possession has never looked scarier:

Shark Night — so universally reviled — explodes in 3D. Tits, blood, shark! I almost want to vomit with glee!

And Indian horror, too. Hisssssssss…..

For superheroes, take your pick of the Tamil superhero Moogamundi, or Iron Man or Spiderman — they’re all here.

“But these are only samples,” said his son, handing me a thick roll. “Now you need to order some new posters.”

I do. I’ve done Suspiria, The Third Man, M, Sixteen Candles, and Wild at Heart.

So the question is: what movies should I commission next? Let me know, below!

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31 thoughts on “A Huge New Horde of Hand-drawn Indian Movie Posters

  1. These are really wonderful! This guy should seriously be published!

    1. http://Andy%20Deemer

      Oh yes, we’ve been talking about it… He’s just wonderful…

  2. http://jennifer%20dowling%20urenia

    How about Young Frankenstein?
    Midnight Cowboy?
    All About My Mother?
    Lawrence of Arabia?
    The African Queen?
    Belle du Jour?
    West Side Story?
    Anything with Michael Caine
    Anything by Spike Lee

  3. http://Tim%20Tracy

    Blade Runner
    Repo Man
    Clockwork Orange

  4. Where can I buy some of these posters? Seriously. These are amazing.

  5. http://Connor%20T.%20McDonald

    Such splendid work. Totally different yet reminds me of the Polish movie posters that I have been a fan of for such long time:
    My suggestion for a next commission would be “Wages of Fear”.
    I would buy that one or almost any other one too.
    Let me know how to make that happen.

    Thanks for the post.

    1. http://Tustin


      Fantastic. Like everyone else, I would love to purchase some of these. Can you email me privately with with the information about the cost and how I place an order? I live in the U.S. Thank you!

  6. http://Bmitch

    I would love to buy a bunch of these. Is there any way I can buy these?

  7. http://gadjet

    These are really gorgeous!
    I also would love to know if these are available for purchase.

    My movie suggestions are: Poltergeist, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, Evil Dead 2 🙂

  8. http://Shawn

    The Spiderman version is great.

  9. http://Roland%20R

    Take my money!
    i missed out on the last batch, and i don’t want to miss one of therse! How about “A Clockwork Orange”?

  10. http://Sam

    What would it take to get a “The Possession” poster?
    You know what would be awesome would be a Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail poster in this style.

  11. http://Ken

    Yes! Please let me know how I can get some!

  12. Seriously: You’ve just been boinged. Set up an Online-Store ( or something) and sell them to the world. Ramachandraiah will earn some serious money.

  13. http://david

    Escape from New York
    These would make some great movie posters:

    Who framed Roger Rabbit
    West Side Story
    Pink Flamingos
    Super Fly
    Grey Gardens
    This is Spinal Tap

    1. http://Andy%20Deemer

      How about a series of Ghibli? Totoro, Spirited Away, arriety???

  14. http://Robert%20Eriksson

    A Ghibli series would be fantastic! I would like the other guys love the opportunity to buy some of these! can you mail me if you have anything left?

  15. http://noël%20storey

    Flash Gordon (any bit from the movie – as long as Brian Blessed is in the poster)
    Holy Mountain
    Terry and June
    7 Psychopaths

  16. http://Lola

    The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings
    Clockwork Orange (Just to agree with whoever posted that one)
    Shaun of the Dead

  17. http://jennifer%20burrows

    Can I buy some? How?

  18. Totoro would be cool as would Jaws, Raiders, Alien and yes Clockwork Orange

  19. http://David%20J

    Ive been checking aware of your blog now for couple of months,
    Some nice work.

    I am pretty envious of your work with Troma, Tromeo and Juliet is a godamned beautiful movie.

    Ithink these posters are amazing and would love love love some. For myself, and as gifts for friends.

    My little sister would probably cry if i could get her a Harry Potter poster…or a series of Harry Potter prints.

    She has a friend that would probably cry if i could get her a Totoro poster.

    I would really cry if i could get the Anthony Hopkin’s/ Jessica Lang version of Titus Andronicus.

    I love a little monster movie called Slither.

    A kind of film noir called Brick was really awesome.

    Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog would be fantastic.

    Where the Wild Things Are could be really cool.

    … Serenity would be amazing, the original Star Wars would be great, a run of James Bond, George A Romero, i love Blade Runner, HellBoy, The Watchmen, StarTrek… A Tarantino series of prints.

    Please get back to me if any of this is possible. I would love you forever.

    Also happy holidays,
    I hope you have a wonderful new year.


  20. http://DAVID%20CANTELLA


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  22. http://Alex

    I too would be interested in buying something like this.

  23. Thanks to a Facebook link I’ve just discovered your blog. I think I’ll probably trawl through it all night.
    But, before anything else, I must get my hands on a few of these posters. I’d frame the Harry Potter one if I had it. Can you please contact me when a fresh batch is ready?

  24. http://Abhishek

    Hey , I am a student in Bangalore and I’ve been wanting to work with these artists for a long time. Can you help me get their contacts and locations where they are based.

  25. http://Johan%20Salander

    Good luck Abbishek!

    Pls contact me asap when you find Ramachandraiah (artist)
    I am seriously interested in purchasing quite a quantatity.


  26. http://Dan

    Hey Andy- any chance I could get you to send me a bunch of these? I’d take a random selection, I love these. Let me know rellimz at gmail.


    1. http://Andy%20Deemer

      Sorry — no shipping ability (aka boxes) to be found in Bangalore. Unless you’re in Bangalore — in which case I’d be happy to help!

  27. Hey, really sweet. Do you have the contact details to this artist? I live in bangalore too.


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