More MaxiPad Fun, with UnSticky Stickers

Hannah took us deep into the bowels of City Market, a mad maze of alleyways crammed tight with shops stacked atop one another. Porters and motorbikes race past, honking endlessly and piled unrealistically high with samples. Cows tread through it all, slathered in shit and chomping slowly on four-foot piles of trash. It’s terrifying, dirty, and absolutely amazing.

The trip had one singular purchase: the sticker shop. It’s not a shop — more of a hallway in the basement down an alley then down a smaller alley and then down a really frighteningly tiny alley. You take off your shoes before you enter the alley. And they’re not really stickers, either. They’re printed on the back of re-used sanitary napkin peels, and have to be pasted on with Elmer’s. But boy are they awesome.

For example, what better to print on MaxiPad peels than “Our Dams”?

“Good Habits,” which neglected to include menstrual advice.

And “Water Pollution,” which surprisingly wasn’t printed on sanitary napkin backings. Can’t wait to stick these on the front of my maths homework, though.

My favorites, though, were these sticky double-sided Rajini stickers. Now those are awesome. First to comment gets a pair of Rajinis for free. ;P

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2 Responses to More MaxiPad Fun, with UnSticky Stickers

  1. Ramon says:

    Oh my god those are awesome! Can we have some for Lucia’s lunchpail? Not that she has one yet…forward thinking dad here! B-)

  2. Carmen Camila Brown says:

    DAMN I thought I was going to be first to comment…oh well..1 year tooo slow. Well. Thank you…love your site!!!!!

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