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On Eating “Old Beijing Fried Enema” Chinglish Extraordinary Eats 

On Eating “Old Beijing Fried Enema”

“Why not start today with a plate of freshly-fried old enema,” I thought. It was bright, garish, and advertised on the wall. “It must be good.”

It wasn’t.

Dripping in oil and yet crispy enough to snap a molar, it tasted like a bad plate of pork cracklings. The dipping sauce — chopped garlic in water — left it with a flavor and me with a breath from hell.

I’d assumed “enema” was a gross mismangling of “sausage” — 灌肠 can mean either. But I was wrong.

The name was an augury of what you’d need after lunch.

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  1. […] (the Beijing kind) and the descriptions have left me none the wiser. However, after reading this blog, I’m glad we didn’t order it. I’m thinking next time I travel to Asia though, […]

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