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Bootleg Wikipedia-Brand Bread Copyright Carelessness 

Bootleg Wikipedia-Brand Bread

Why buy generic no-name Beijing loafery when you can pay just a few extra kuai for the sweet wheat of Wikipedia-brand bread? Oops, sorry, Wekipedia-brand.

That’s right! The Free Encyclowheatia That Anyone Can Edit! Now all that’s left to do is pair it with some McDonald’s Eggs for a copyright infringing Egg in the Hole. Mmmyeah.

Known locally as 维百客, or Wéibǎikè, it could translate as “Feed 100 Guests.” Hate to say, but I think we’d need Jesus to make that happen here. Waitasec! Is that Jesus right there???

Courtesy of Beijing Wekipedia Foods Co Ltd.

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3 thoughts on “Bootleg Wikipedia-Brand Bread

  1. http://Rich

    Nope. ‘s not Jesus, mate. Looks too old.

    Just sayin.

    1. http://Dean%20Pickles

      Maybe just Jimmy Wales with a beard, then!

  2. […] brood en een online encyclopedie in de verste verte niets met elkaar te maken hebben, mag “Beijing Wekipedia Foods” legaal onder deze naam opereren in China. Geen haan die daar naar kraait. De echte Wikipedia […]

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