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Another Indian Film Still

Also found in a crate in Mumbai.

Something about her was so desperate, filled me with angst and longing. Is that a wedding poster in her hand? Is she Vijay’s bride, or is she his one true love, and she’s just discovered he’s getting an arranged marriage this afternoon??? I’d love to know who she is, or the name of the film…

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2 thoughts on “Another Indian Film Still

  1. http://Mihika

    Actors name is Aruna Irani. Not sure which movie..but has to be one with Amitabh Bachchan as his character in almost everyone of his movies was named Vijay.

    1. http://Dean%20Pickles

      Wonderful! Thanks so much, and you’ve just narrowed it down significantly!!! I’ve been meaning to see more of the old AB films, anyway. 🙂

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