American Imperialist Bastards in a North Korean Comic Book

I don’t speak a word of Korean. I wish I did, if only so I could read this North Korean comic that’s been sitting on my bookshelf for years.

I’m only assuming these chaps are Meejay Nom, or American Imperialist Bastards. (Okay, I guess I know one word in Korean.) What do you think? And how about those schnozes?

And how about this slovenly corrupt Jabba the Hutso… with a Hitler mustache like that, he has to be Japanese, right?

Anyone who reads Korean want to translate??

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2 Responses to American Imperialist Bastards in a North Korean Comic Book

  1. KorGuy says:

    그까짓껏 아무놈이면 어때 살구볼판이지
    > Who cares! I just want to survive in
    중위나리! 으시대지 말게, 이 주먹이 그 요란한 간판 보다 더 가깝다는 걸 알아야지
    > Lieutenant sir! My fist is much bigger than your splendid title. you know.
    호~ 아가씨 아 아니 부인님 왜 이렇게 호 홀로
    > Ah~ My lady, oh-no Madame why you stay alone…
    여보게 자네 이번 홍콩 출장길에 조선에 들려와야 겠네 거기가서 자네도 잘 알고 있는 내 조카녀석을 만나고 오게
    >After your business travel to Hong Kong, You should visit Korea as well. Go there and meet my nephew you know well.

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