The Best Way to Stop People Urinating On Your Wall

If there’s a wall in India, someone’s planning to treat it like a latrine or a dump.

Official signs, unofficial pleas, it doesn’t matter. What if you tried painting a Hindu god or two on the wall? Surely that would help.

Is that spray diarrheal??? Really?!!?!?

In Bangalore, to keep your sidewalks clear, you really need more God. Much more God. In fact, bring all of them!

That’s right: Hindu, Christian and Islamic symbols, arm in arm, side by side, under the banner of a urianate-free sidewalk.

Honestly, who in their right mind would soil all three of these symbols at the same time?

This guy barely drew his crescent, misspelled garbeg, and actually forgot his “don’t” — yet I dare you to drop anything here. Go on… I dare you.

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