Obama and Hitler, Together at Last

On sale in the Bangalore airport, right now: Historical Heroes, the complete DVD set. Which of these people doesn’t fit? (Was this produced by Rush Limbaugh????)

That’s right… Che, MLK, Himmler (?), Castro, Hitler, Mussolini and Obama, all under the loving gaze of Obi Wan Gandhi.

In Asia, Hitler isn’t a bad guy. He was a solid leader, who united his people and fought some good battles.

I found a book of biographies of world leaders at a Bangalore temple. It was called Great World Leaders. Hitler’s page opens with the unlikely words, “Adolf Hitler loved children and animals.” It continues to describe his battles, his losses, and even his suicide… but it doesn’t mention the holocaust, concentration camps, or the word “Jew,” once.

After all, what do the Jews have to do with his life story? the Korean kids we’d met in Nazi costumes would probably have agreed.

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  1. Shruti says:

    Not all of Asia thinks well of Hitler. Before I learnt of Hitler in a classroom, we labeled any authoritative figure who lacked a sense of humour, strict and domineering people as Hitler.

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