Sheep Placenta AIDS Soup

Sure, every restaurant may have a maggot-filled dish called Insect Story, and what’s a Chinese restaurant without a Jacopetti-inspired Monkey Head offering (even if it is just a bowl of fried mushrooms).

I don’t know, however, of a single other Beijing restaurant that boasts acquired immune deficiency syndrome sheep placenta soup.

That’s right: AIDS soup, the most improbably-named dish at the inconsolably-named Forgotten Perfume restaurant. The small text opens with the words “A fish sex sweet,” and continues to boast this soup is great for those with “frail body, hepatosplenomegaly, and tuberculosis embolism.”

I’d also like to point out the Ecological Bullfrog Stocking…

and perhaps the meanest fish I’ve come across, the Oriental Sheatfish.

We didn’t eat there, but we were tempted. Anyone else try it out yet?

9 thoughts on “Sheep Placenta AIDS Soup”

  1. A search for the words “Tibetan sheep placenta restaurant Beijing” turned up nothing on Google. Do you have a name and address? I might be feeling adventurous one day.

  2. It’s on the top floor of Shimao Mall, on Gongti Beilu, next door — rather ironically or appropriately — to the Hello Kitty Restaurant… ;P

        1. Aha! Then I have to recommend Shangri-La Stone Village, just south of you, and Chang and Eng’s gravesite in Mayberry! One of my favorite parts of the country, you’re in!!

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