Handmade Indian Movie Posters for Unlikely Hollywood Movies

I just got some lo-res photos of the new batch of 20″ by 30″ hand-drawn litho-printed Sandalwood/Kannada movie posters, and they’re fantastic! (If you missed reading about Raju, who draws a new movie poster every three hours, and the 1901 litho machine they’re printed on, go now!)

I have 100 of each of these, so let me know if you’d like one. (If you’re in Bangalore or Beijing, you can have them for free the cost of a coffee. Overseas, I’ll have to charge.) Let me know in the comments below!

My favorite, of course, is the first one…

Jessica Harper, absolutely gorgeous in Dario Argento’s Suspiria:

Nicholas Cage wearing his snakeskin jacket, a symbol of his individuality and his belief in personal freedom, in David Lynch’s Wild at Heart:

Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall and Michael Schoeffling in my favorite movie of all time, John Hughes’ (ahem, slightly misspelt) Sixteen Candles. I only regret the absolute absence of Gedde Watanabe as Long Duck Dong.

A strangely puckered Peter Lorre as the sick Grieg-whistling child killer in Fritz Lang’s M. (I just read Lang apparently threw Lorre down a staircase while filming, to rough him up a bit. Fantastic!)

Orson Welles as Harry Lime, suddenly dangerous with his pocketed pistol — it’s a setup! — in Carol Reed’s awesome The Third Man. Where’s Holly Martins? Probably drunk under the table again.

78 thoughts on “Handmade Indian Movie Posters for Unlikely Hollywood Movies”

  1. I would love one of each of these, they all rank among my favorites! Just let me know what you need from me, will gladly pay shipping + your time. Thanks!

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for being the link to this obscure-treasure. It’s brilliant stuff! I would like to collect/buy lots of them. I am traveling to Bangalore in February. Can you give me the address to this artist’s studio? (You will have my email id through this comment.) Or can I meet you and collect some of the ones you got made?

    – Varun

  3. hello, I would love the 16 candles one and the harry potter. I can pay for shipping via pay pal. Let me know and let me say this is amazing stuff as an artist myself. Have a good one

  4. Hey!

    This is brilliant! would it be possible for you to give me the artist’s address? I live in Bangalore.

    kick-ass post, this!

  5. Hi,

    My wife and I are big fans of unique art from around the world. We’re currently living in Bahrain and would love posters of modern films, especially TINTIN. She is an art teacher and I teach English with a specialty in cultural studies. We would both benefit greatly from these pieces. Feel free to contact me if obtaining pieces is possible.


  6. Love these.
    I would like to purchase, if you are interested in selling. Let me know what you need. Very interested in these.

  7. Hi, I wanted to get in contact with the artist for a story. So, would you help me in procuring the relevant contact details? It would be awfully kind of you.

  8. I would LOVE! to get my hands on all of these. Please (pretty please) get in touch with me and let me know how to pay you 🙂

  9. Hi Dean,

    I’d really like to order some – any of these new ones and/or some of the kannada ones from your previous post. please drop me a line – I’ll pay!!

    I’m heading to india in the next year potentially, so information about the studio would be really great i’d love to order a few!


  10. Hi there, I’m very interested in all of these posters. If you could email the cost of shipping to the uk, many thanks.

  11. I’d love to have one!!!!
    Preferably a Suspiria or M one. I live in sweden, so please contact me about shipping costs. Have a wonderful day and thanks for finding these gems!

  12. Hi! These are amazing! I would love to get a couple of these from you. I live in Minnesota in the US. I will pay you for shipping and labor. Let me know how we can work it out!


  13. I am very interestd in a few of these, let me know how much it would be to ship them to Los Angeles, CA.
    thank you

  14. These posters are fantastic–thank you for highlighting Raju’s work. I am interested in a copy of each poster. Please email me and I will send you payment for shipping plus my contact information. Thanks again!

  15. Hi
    My first comment seems to have got lost, but these are great as is the site. I’d love to get my hands on the Suspira one. Happy to pay all shipping costs, etc.

  16. I’d love a Suspiria one if you still have one! (And if you’d allow me to get greedy, a Third Man too. But if these are going fast, leave it for someone else.) I’d gladly pay shipping to the US, plus a little extra.

  17. These are truly amazing. Id love one of each (also future drawings…), i live in Denmark and will offcause pay shipping etc.

    I have some similar Bangladeshi rickshaw-art/movie posters. Also handdrawn. Would you like to see them? I could tweet a few

  18. these are so cool! i would really love the “suspiria” and “wild at heart” posters. please get back to me. thanks.

  19. Beautiful stuff, Dean. Always fascinating to see the various bits of Western culture that filter through to the rest of the world, and how it’s processed. Sign me up for a set, if they’re still available!

  20. May I have 1 each of these posters please. Send me what I need to order and pay for them.

    They are amazing


  21. I’d love the Suspira or Wild at Heart poster and would be happy to pay for whatever costs you have for shipping, etc.

  22. I live in Los Angeles, and I’d love to order a Suspiria (or 3 if you have extras) and M. Please let me know what it would take. Thanks, these are amazing!

  23. Wow- when you’re back to Beijing I’ll barter for one of these amazing posters… If you’re interested- I will gladly trade any poster for the “cocktail of the year” trophy I totally STOLE from you and your stuffed rat!

    1. Haha! No need of the cocktail trophy — the photos of my mouse-vodka bottle live on. ;P But maybe you guys have to join us for AIDS soup at Shimao Mall on Wednesday night! I’ll already be bringing some posters then…

  24. these posters are wonderful! any left? 😉 if possible, i would really love to get some! pls let me know !

    1. Sorry — all gone!! 🙁 But keep an eye on the site. I’m moving to Bangalore in about a month, and will post if I get my hands on more!

  25. For the last two years I would take the long walk from SG Palya to Christ College. And every time I walked by these posters, I would always wonder who was churning these out 😀

    Thanks for revealing who the man behind the picture is 🙂

    Some of his English works are cringe-worthy albeit unique.
    (His rendition of Optimus Prime. It was so weird and crazy, I LOVED IT!)

  26. a bit late to the game, but if you’ve still got any of the Suspiria posters, I’d love to take one off your hands and pay for whatever you need.

  27. These are great. I would like to purchase some of these.
    If you still have them available, please let me know the cost.
    For the shipping, i’m from France
    Please e-mail me.

  28. priceless !.
    would love to get a custom one done for “Inception” or ‘The Dark Knight” and some more Bollywood classics . i am visiting Bangalore in the last week of Jan , how do i get this done?

    1. Sadly, all the Suspirias flew out… and don’t have a way to send posters anymore. India doesn’t actually seem to have carboard poster tubes for sale! (???) Sorry!!!

  29. hi andy,
    would you please send me the address of the poster shop in bangalore? i have been there once, but i cannot remember, where it was exactly. now i want to have some posters printed for a theatre show.
    best, kk

  30. These are incredible! And what a story.

    Do you still have any left? Would absolutely love a Suspiria one if you have one and I’m happy to cover cost of shipping to the UK/ your time.

    Best wishes,

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