Great Hillbilly Roadside Puppets from Sri Lanka

These Sri Lankan puppets, a tradition of the coastal village of Ambalangoda, embarrassingly look more like my Kentucky and Carolina kin than anything else.

At about five bucks each, we couldn’t resist walking away with a bagful. But my favorite was a gorgeous four-foot-tall devil puppet. It was too big for our bag, but really — where would you even stick something like this?

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2 Responses to Great Hillbilly Roadside Puppets from Sri Lanka

  1. OK, the first one looks like Porter Wagner to me. I would kind of like to hang some of these in the Nashville house. I clearly need to get over there.

    • Dean Pickles says:

      Or Ted Nugent! (It might actually be him!) The second looks like one of my cousins by marriage. Who’ll go nameless here. ;P

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