Sweet Sexy Dolls (and How to Make Your Own)

You’ve seen those sexy collectable figurines around Asia, right? You know the ones… in Singapore malls, Beijing shopping centers, all over Japan? Nervous kids and creepy adults browsing the aisles… subtly saucy…

Creepily paedo…

GABOOMBAH with sweet pink hair and sword.

Who buys these things? Who actually sets one of these ladies on their shelf, maybe even a series of them, and shows them off?

Then, at Beijing’s PageOne, I discovered this amazing book: “Beautiful Girl Model Making Vol 1: Let’s Try!” (美少女人形制作). And there’s a brand new question: who the f*ck makes these porno-rines?

I flipped through the pages, balancing my iPhone, surreptitiously snagging some shots. These pictures with the scalpel in the eye were pure serial killer material!

And the crotch pages?

Let’s zoom in closer, for a better look at those carving techniques…

It was at this moment that the stranger walked by. He looked at the pages open in my hands. He looked at my iPhone, pointed down. And he turned away, embarrassed, like he’d seen me masturbating.

I felt creepy. Gross. Like a guy who’d collect naked lady figurines.

And I guess I answered my own question. That type of guy is probably me.

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