Hartleyhenge, North Carolina’s Strange Stonehenge

We found this strange spiral of stones in the middle of a North Carolina field. “Welcome to Hartleyhenge,” said Scotty.

“I’m not even sure if Hartleyhenge is the real name,” he admitted, “but that’s what we call it around here.” There’s no sign, and no information. A friend of Scotty’s, John Hartley, built it years ago. There were poems by Rumi, Wendell Berry, and Carl Sandberg printed on the rocks. “I go among trees and sit still,” reads one poem, while another urges, “Drink all your passion, and be a disgrace.

We didn’t have any beer, but it was a perfect spot to drink. Instead, we just peed in the bushes behind the rocks. At least we were a disgrace.

I can’t find it on a map, but it’s somewhere on Old-86. North of Carrboro. Lovely.

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2 Responses to Hartleyhenge, North Carolina’s Strange Stonehenge

  1. Richard Proescher says:

    I would kike to know more of the history of Hartleyhenge. Where in Carrboro is it located.

    • Andy Deemer says:

      Drive north of Carborro on Old 86 for about 10 minutes and you’ll see it on the left I think. It’s shortly before the Zen Meditation Center, which may be related — stop in there and ask of they know anything about it. I’d love to know more of the history if you find anything out!!

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