Starbucks: The Newest Chinese Snooze Spot

Curled up, cuddled up, under a coat — that’s the right way to sleep at the Gongti Beilu Starbucks. These aren’t homeless winos, but students, fashionistas, men in suits. And these aren’t all naps.

One woman, below, slept for four hours. People sat down, got janked up, left, and she kept dozing away. “Is she dead,” one man asked. When I left, she was still snoring.

The next day, this fellow was beside me…

And yesterday, this businessman was sprawled out generously…

Over at the Chaoyang Wai Starbucks, this cute couple shared a table for a mid-afternoon kip. But there was something about them that moved me. A sense of exhaustion, sadness, and loss. But still, they were together.

What do you think? Should Starbucks allow this globally? Implement nap lounges? It really would be quite nice…

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