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Creepy Statue in an Abandoned School (in a neighborhood that’s almost gone) Modern Ruins 

Creepy Statue in an Abandoned School (in a neighborhood that’s almost gone)

Last week, DK and I stumbled on a strange abandoned school in northern Beijing. We were looking for the city’s largest recycling center, but this mad statue was a far tastier find.

Seven demonic babes, lounging, suckling, emerging from the concrete.

“Can you imagine seeing this every day? As a kid?”

It was strange. But so was the trip.

The sprawling neighborhood, the entire neighborhood, is being demolished for new high rises. Block after block was sprayed in the graffiti’d 拆, for “demolish.” Red banners wrapped across buildings and trees read “Quickly quickly, move move” in Chinese pentameter. A man cycled by, his tricycle piled high with his bulging luggage.

And as we tiptoed through the school of smashed glass, I couldn’t imagine this place filled with laughing children. Ceilings had collapsed. Trash had collected. The stone woman seemed right at home.

Although by now, her home is probably gone.

Somewhere due east of the Lishuiqiao subway, Beijing.

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9 thoughts on “Creepy Statue in an Abandoned School (in a neighborhood that’s almost gone)

  1. http://laurie

    Really interesting….but I esp love the photos with cloud-specked blue sky and autumn leaves in Beijing!

    1. http://Dean%20Pickles

      Yeah — I bet you miss those now!!! ;P

  2. I know (hope?) that the kids in that school weren’t murdered or anything, but that last photograph with Snoopy is still pretty damn sad.

    1. http://Dean%20Pickles

      I know…! And now that you mention it, there was some suspicious-looking street food being sold around there…

  3. http://Heather%20Marie

    The statue is so beautifully preserved, even in that messed up place. It probably meant something in chinese lore. And how do you know they were demon babies? They looked normal to me. I love mysterious stuff like that. Wish you would have tried to find someone who went there(if there was even anyone alive. The school could have been really old) to explain the statue. When i find unexplainable stuff like that, I try not to think about what it means or why someone made it, I just enjoy its bizarre beauty.

  4. http://Brian%20Hansen

    I know that statue! But it’s so strange to see it in China, becaurse it’s a danish sculpture. The original is made by Kai Nielsen in 1920 andhas been on display at the museum “Glyptoteket” in Copenhagen since 1920. The statue is called “Vandmoderen” (the Water Mother). Try google, You will find many pictures of it!
    There is nothing demonic about the sculpture. Its about creation. But how a copy has ended up in China… I have no Idea, tried to google it but can’t find anything…

  5. http://Andy%20Deemer

    Wonderful! Thanks so much for posting that — the original is indeed far less demonic (um, not demonic at all.) I love that the artists through subversion, or probably just lack of skill, darkened up the original so significantly!!!

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