Bizarre Beijing: CityWeekend’s Tribute to AsiaObscura

Maybe you missed it, but fresh on the heels of their coverage of our taxidermy efforts, the the October issue of CityWeekend was devoted to Bizarre Beijing! Of course their research ended in the pages of AsiaObscura. Heh heh.

They recommend
– the unmissably gory Daoist statues of Dongyue Temple
– the quirk in miniature of World Park
– the wild Beijing Stamp Museum (including 3D North Korean stamps of Charles and Di)
a little-Tokyo maid cafe, and — of course…
Fake Disneyland.

See their full article here.

Or just enjoy the sweet editor’s letter below. Thanks, Sienna and CityWeekend!

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2 Responses to Bizarre Beijing: CityWeekend’s Tribute to AsiaObscura

  1. Oh man, how did I miss this?? Hope you’ve got a few extra copies lying around…

  2. Dean Pickles says:

    You know it! And one has your name on it!!!

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