Canine Defectors, Bollywood Muppets, Stewed Koala, and other sweet links

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen these, but…

In North Korean news, the country’s first dog has officially defected. Guess it’s really bad out there. Starving factory employees are asking their wealthy South Korea bosses, “Can you give us cash instead of these choco pies… please!?!” (Or at least instant noodles.) And, my usual source for DPRK reportage, has some wonderful pictures from a DPRK Hairdresser.

From India, the fake trailer for a new Muppets Bollywood Flick was a terrible tease. I felt cheated. (Especially after all that glee from seeing Vishal Singh’s shrine to Bollywood hero Shahrukh Khan. I vow to build a meta-shrine to his shrine!)

In China, Forester Zander pointed out that that Koala-feast restaurant in Guangzhou isn’t actually selling Koala, just rat. Of course, this is according to the Chinese government. Do we really trust them? (China-censors, go ahead and block me again.) On the flipside, there’s been some awesome broadcasting going on. First, old folks doing a truly bizarre Lady Gaga cover. Second, the Wenzhou billboard that showed hardcore porn at the city’s busiest intersection, for 10 minutes? Poor techie didn’t realize where that computer screen was broadcasting to. Haha.

In Heartbreaking, Vietnam, a lovely young woman aged dramatically overnight. The pix made me sad.

Whereas, back in the West, Amish communities are being attacked by splinter group terrorist hairdressers and John Lennon’s tooth, which was “gifted” to his maid and then sold to Alan “Awesome” McGee, sold for $31,000 to a “celebrity-tooth collecting” dentist. There’s too much weird there. My pal Joanna Ebenstein has a new show, with a great episode about a grave-digging descendant who’s obsessed with bone-filled ossuaries and charnel houses. Don’t miss it.

Finally, according to #TweetsofOld, “The following is the shortest sentence containing all the letters of the alphabet. ‘Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs.'” Perfect information to have before I set off to the States in a few days.

Did I miss anything good in the world of weird Asia news? Got something awesome? Share it below…

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