CityWeekend Covers AO’s Taxidermy Efforts

Yesterday morning, I exploded with glee when I realized our Pyongyang Too book had been covered in the wonderful Drawn & Quarterly — a whopping year ago!

Now if that wasn’t good enough, yesterday was also the release of the new issue of CityWeekend magazine, their back page a very fun article devoted to WooLand, me, and taxidermy! Nice!!! Thanks, CW!

From Andy Deemer, the creator of AsiaObscura...

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6 Responses to CityWeekend Covers AO’s Taxidermy Efforts

  1. balinesecat says:

    Very fun article … love the idea of presenting the cultural revolution with taxidermy!

    Now I’m off to google the artist who creates the whimsical wtfery using sheep :-)

  2. Dean Pickles says:

    Yeah, the article was so nicely written… didn’t make us out to be creepy at all! :-)

  3. Ok, yuk. I want to hear more about the artisan ice cream!

  4. Miss Pearl says:

    Your mom left a hard copy of this article with me and I have to say how delighted and honored I am to have my name dropped in a magazine across the seas. Much thanks!

    • Dean Pickles says:

      Haha! So glad you got a copy — and sorry I missed you guys in Nashville! Thanks for the inspiration, and good luck in the mortician exams next week!!!

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