Mr. Chiizu: Great New Photobooth App

I stumbled into an old karaoke pal on twitter this weekend. He’s now developing iPhone apps. His latest? A stickerbooth app for the iPhone, called Mr. Chiizu. A thing of wonder.

Okay, okay, there are no stickers. But also no wading through incomprehensible directions while a Gangnam shopkeeper mocks you in sprawling Korean. No frantically drawing on Shinjuku trails of hearts as a timer flashes down. No queues of Siam schoolgirls, tapping their feet at the cosplay farang attempting to change the color of his girlfriend’s eyes.

Well, maybe that was all part of the fun, too.

We’re addicts, you see.

For these, we had to travel Asia. But now the sweet twee power of stickerbooth rides in my pocket.

I can’t not recommend Mr. Chiizu. It toes that delicate line between amazingly incomprehensible Asian awesomeness and sweet sweet usability. For $1.99, it’s worth it.

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