French press for “Pyongyang Too”

When Woo and I handed our tribute, Pyongyang Too, to graphic traveleur & comic master Guy Delisle, he seemed taken aback, confused, perplexed. “Thank you,” he muttered, unsure of what he was even looking at. (Barbara Demick–author of the DPRK expose/awesomeromance Nothing to Envy–tried to buy it.)

Clearly, he later had a chance to skim it. And read it. And then pimped it out.

After the jump, two recent Paris articles about the book. But now the question is, will L’Association pick it up???

From Telerama (the Parisian equivalent of TV Guide):

From Casemate (a comic book journal):

Big thanks to my petit bro, and the glamorously world-traveling C.Z.X., and mon frere Etienne — each of whom managed to get us a hard copy after the fact. Thanks!!!!

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