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A few months ago, we ran a rather scandalous report on the insane ting mong scarecrows we’d spotted in the jungles of Cambodia. They were terrifying, but we knew almost nothing about them. Our driver was vague, the hotel receptionist insisted she’d never seen them before. So we slapped up the photos, told our story, read the Chinese blogger’s translations of it, and that was the end of it. Or was it?

It turns out that editors at The Phnom Penh Post, the oldest Cambodian Enghlish-language newspaper, read our story and were intrigued. They wanted to know, too! So they sent out a crack team of reporters to uncover the true story of ting mong-ery. Don’t miss their great feature on it, in JPG form at page one and page two, or on their site at

Special thanks to Sophy Keo for tracking down a copy of the article for us!

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